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BioPharmAnalyses and OctopusyX BioConsulting are proud to announce the launch of their up-dated and enriched 2019 edition of their report entitled « Landscape in Gene Therapy Companies » In this 800-pages report, a must-have read one, you will find -More than 230 closely scrutinized companies -More than 600 products identified including more than 200 products at the clinical stage -More than 300 VC or investors mentioned -Mor than 200 pathologies referred -A detailed Overview of Companies involved in AAV-based gene therapy, LV-based Gene Therapy, Gene Therapy, CDMO (Contracts, Manufacturing Organisation) and a Miscellaneous section including Hubs and Non Viral Gene Transfer) CAR-T strategies will be dealt separately in the updated edition of our Briefing on CAR-T clinical trials. The 2019 edition will be published next November For further information, or  

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Our Briefing on RNA Trials provides you with an accurate overview to explore the latest trials in the RNA therapeutic area 86 pages detailing 101 clinical trials conducted in 44 countries -42 companies and academic institutions developing 78 RNA products (antisense oligonucleotides, RNAi/siRNA, microRNAs, mRNAs) -55 targets and 57 diseases in a wide range of [...]

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CAR-T cells therapies are at the forefront of innovation in oncology. “BRIEFING ON CART-T CELLS TRIALS” provides you with an accurate overview to explore the latest trials in this hot and rapidly evolging field More than 20 diseases, mainly hematological cancers and solid tumors 47 trials and 33 sponsors in Asia, Europa and USA More [...]

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Gene therapy is a rapidly and obviously evolving field that is now definitively recognized as a well-acknowledged major medical and scientific area. OctopusyX BioConsulting and BioPharmAnalyses are proud to announce the launch of iheir new global commercial report “Landscape in Gene Therapy Companies“. This is the first such report that provides you with an actually updated information and an accurate international mapping [...]

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This website informs you usefully on the evolution of the sector, is a paying site, only by subscription. Only the news section is accessible to you. To read our other sections, you must logged after subscription. BioPharmAnalyses allows you to have a fast and synthetic overview of the latest news from a biopharma player, access [...]