BREAKING NEWS « Landscape in.. Gene Therapy Companies »

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BioPharmAnalyses and OctopusyX BioConsulting are proud to announce the launch of their up-dated and enriched 2019 edition of their report entitled « Landscape in Gene Therapy Companies »

In this 800-pages report, a must-have read one, you will find

-More than 230 closely scrutinized companies

-More than 600 products identified including more than 200 products at the clinical stage

-More than 300 VC or investors mentioned

-Mor than 200 pathologies referred

-A detailed Overview of Companies involved in AAV-based gene therapy, LV-based Gene Therapy, Gene Therapy, CDMO (Contracts, Manufacturing Organisation) and a Miscellaneous section including Hubs and Non Viral Gene Transfer)

CAR-T strategies will be dealt separately in the updated edition of our Briefing on CAR-T clinical trials. The 2019 edition will be published next November

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