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OctopusyX BioConsulting (Olivier REVELANT, @octopusyx2), a member of Eurobiomed, and BioPharmAnalyses (Anne-Lise BERTHIER, @anneliseberthie) are proud to announce the launch of their new report entitled "AAV-based Gene Therapy Products: Ongoing Clinical Trials". This >200 pages report provides a unique exhaustive overview of 116 ongoing trials for the treatment of 40 diseases (as of June 2020). More thant 80 AAV based products described. Wishing to identify hot research topics  in this highly competitive field ?   Looking for an update on the clinical portfolio ?   Needing insights to assist you in your decision-making  or to identify the most advanced companies in the field ?   Searching for new candidates to in-license ?   ● 205 pages detailing 116 clinical trials for the treatment of 40 diseases   ● 49 companies and academic institutions developing more than 80 AAVbased gene therapy products in a wide range of therapeutic areas (Cardiovascular Diseases, Hematological Diseases, Hepatic Diseases, Infectious Diseases, inherited Metabolic Diseases, Lysosomal Diseases, Neurological Diseases, Neuromuscular Diseases and Ophthalmological Diseases) Want to have a look at this report ? Click to download sample pages ( Order Form (