Passage Bio Announces Expansion of Gene Therapy Collaboration with University of Pennsylvania

Passage Bio, Inc, a genetic medicines company focused on developing transformative therapies for rare, monogenic central nervous system (CNS) disorders and the Gene Therapy Program (GTP) at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) announced on May 07th the expansion of their collaboration agreement to include an additional five programs and extending Passage Bio’s period to exercise new programs for an additional three years (through 2025). Additionally, Passage Bio will fund discovery research at GTP and will receive exclusive rights, subject to certain limitations, to technologies resulting from the discovery program for Passage Bio products developed with GTP, such as novel capsids, toxicity reduction technologies and delivery and formulation improvements. This expansion builds upon the original collaboration, which successfully established a strong partnership between Passage and GTP. Under the expanded agreement, Passage will pay $5 million annually to Penn to fund research across numerous technology applications for gene therapy. In addition to five additional program options and an extension of the relationship through 2025, Passage will receive exclusive rights, subject to certain limitations, to IP arising from this research and related indications that are applicable to the products it develops with GTP.

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