Lilly Pumps $700M into Boston-Based RNA Therapeutics Facility

Takeda has signed up for yet another multibillion-dollar gene therapy pact, this time encoding a $2 billion biobucks deal with little-known Code Biotherapeutics across four programs. The collab entails deploying Code’s non-viral gene therapies against a liver-directed rare disease and central nervous system conditions. Takeda has the right to exclusively license four programs and is responsible for bringing the assets through the clinic after the duo conducts research together, Code said on February 21st. This follows a string of similar deals for Takeda. The Japanese Big Pharma bet $3.6 billion on Poseida Therapeutics’ in vivo gene therapies for six to eight programs across liver and hematologic diseases in October. That came after a $1.12 billion pairing a week prior for Selecta Biosciences’ gene therapies for lysosomal storage disorders. 

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