Flagship Pioneering Launches Alltrna to Unlock Transfer RNA Biology and Treat Thousands of Diseases with a Single tRNA Medicine

Flagship Pioneering announced on November 09th the expansion of its portfolio of RNA based bioplatform companies with the unveiling of Alltrna, the first transfer RNA (tRNA) platform company to unlock tRNA biology and pioneer tRNA therapeutics to regulate the protein universe and resolve disease. Founded at Flagship Labs in 2018, Alltrna has mapped tRNA biology to systematically design tRNA medicines and encode a completely new, unifying approach to treating both rare and common human diseases driven by shared genetic mutations. Flagship’s initial commitment to Alltrna is $50 million. Alltrna’s platform combines internal expertise and proprietary machine learning tools to unlock the entire tRNA biology space. Alltrna has an unprecedented opportunity to advance a single tRNA medicine to restore disrupted protein production, regardless of target, for thousands of diseases with the same underlying genetic mutation. Furthermore, Alltrna is looking beyond the role of tRNAs in properly adding amino acids into a final protein product and leverage how tRNA biology can provide an entire framework for the regulation and expression of the protein universe to treat disease. 

For further information, see AlltRNA (https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/flagship-pioneering-launches-alltrna-to-unlock-transfer-rna-biology-and-treat-thousands-of-diseases-with-a-single-trna-medicine-301418717.html)

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